Photo Deb School Books Smile IMG_0212Education

  • Restore adequate funding to public schools, community colleges, and universities, and protect IPERS.
  • Make Iowa #1 in education nationally
  • Support curriculum development for job-ready graduates
  • Resist privatization of public education

Health CarePhoto Deb Nurse Smile Stethoscope IMG_0109

  • Reverse privatization of Medicaid
  • Keep Iowa taxpayer dollars in Iowa
  • Restore local control of care and services
  • Rebuild the mental health care network


  • Reform tax code to support families making less than $200,000
  • Impose limits on wasteful corporate tax credits
  • Award tax credits according to financial need

Employee Rights

  • Restore collective bargaining for teachers, all public employees, and union workers
  • Increase minimum wage to a living wage
  • Support labor unions to ensure safe work environments and fair benefits

Agriculture and Environment

  • Lower crop insurance income caps to protect farm profitability
  • Enforce environmental protection laws
  • Support innovation to lead the nation in solar and wind energy


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